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Cambodia is not in the country list for address. What can be done ?




I've been using zoom for a couple of years and now (19/05/2023) I tried to update my credit card it said to add country in my address. I look for cambodia and didn't see cambodia in the list of countries. What can I do ?  



There is no bother, was paying customer for long time and once I get to chat operator they just say, sorry, we cannot disclose the reason, but you cannot any longer be customer essentially. This is both irrational, partially racist, and super super rude. Especially considering how much we spend on the service here and all they say" nothing we can do". And ludicracy of them at the end of the chat, saying the automatic: thank you for using Zoom, have a nice day. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

And biggest upset of it all, they just don't care.

They just closed my paid account I have been their customer since 2016. Many of my coaching clients have the same problems... Their paid accounts are not available for use.  


I cannot reactivate my zoom room also. 

The Zoom service is not available in the requested location. (200)

Does anyone got solution yet?

I used a friend's overseas address instead. It worked.