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Attempting to Extend a 1 Month Webinar license for 1 more additional Month




We currently have a 1 Month Webinar license that is in use by one of our Users. We would like to extend that license by another month, but that doesn't seem to be an option. We tried to pickup another 1 Month license to swap out with the old one, but that only added an additional license with the same expiration date.


Our reason to try and avoid the license expiring is that the user assigned to this license as setup a Webinar that takes place beyond the current expiry date. There is a concern that once the current license expires, even when we replace it with a another license, that the small window of a lack of license will be enough to delete the currently arranged Webinar that people have already signed up for.


Are our fears unfounded, or is there a way to simply extend the current license?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.