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Behind the scenes at Zoomtopia and Zoom Events


Did anyone catch the Zoomtopia behind-the-scenes Production presentation yesterday, with Sam Kokajko from Zoom?


I missed it!





me too, and there's literally no way I can find the recording.



Many thanks, I'm in and watching. 

like yourself, I'm trying to get orientated with events, which  is a bit hard as there seems to be no way to follow a series of webinars. Although I can see that hubs should help to bring some global conversations together.


I'm looking a lists of events e,g. and trying to figure out who in Zoom might be doing the interface between conferencing software and zoom's community home (which I guess is what this place is).


nope , i didn't ...


Hi Rupert (cat).


Thanks again for the headsup about Zoomtopia's behind the scenes with Sam Kokajko, especially as he mention at 1:14:26 about running hybrid conferences. As he said; " This is a really big topic".  YEP. He also said he would be running more sessions.


So I went looking for how Zoom will be handling the  growth of (let me call them) the AV/Zoom admin community.  It seems Zoom will be running their internal version of (English language) onzoom at this placeholder.  One has to register to view both upcoming and past events. I hope they rethink this approach, even if just for the recordings, as it really slows things down when looking at lots of sessions, which we will get to pretty quickly. 


My main interest now is following, and participating in, this development of hybrid events, especially as the new Conference product, and new services like auto-translate, get introduced.  I've got quite a few lists of events to work though, mainly in the Research space. So I'd like to talk to someone who would be across the National Research and Education Networks in a few countries.  E.g. In the US. 


Can anyone suggest the right person?

cheers, simon




Hi @simonfj 


I'd suggest you check out an external community called "Office Hours". It's a discussion and Q&A group that covers all areas of AV/Virtual/Hybrid/Events (focused heavily around Zoom) together with other virtual media production topics.


The groups meets every day - broadcast on a Zoom Webinar, and on YouTube.


Sam Kokajko from Zoom has been a guest on Office Hours on more than one occasion. 


I am also a regular Panelist.


Office Hours:

Register/Join here: 

More info here:

Past episodes here:


There is also the - a different group.


Also please don't confuse "Zoom Events" (the platform and service) with Zoom's own training "events" and webinars. Very different - but maybe a little confusing.


"Zoom Events"

Zoom's general training events:


You can re-watch all the Zoomtopia sessions here in one place -


For general Virtual Event and Hybrid AV Production information, from Zoom itself, you can also look at:


I hope something here will be useful or of interest.




Thanks so much Rupert,

Mate. You are gold.  Officehours is going to keep me amused, and educated, for hours.


I hear you about the difference between the events platform and the training events.  I don't know if you have any pull but it would be great if we could start seeing I. watching a program without registering (cause I'm trying to point people directly at (a time code on) a recording and they won't bother registering. 2.  Your excellent advice about these other communities, on the training events page, so people didn't have to go searching.

BTW. 7AM office hours is midnight for us Aussies.

OK I'm off for now.  Cheers!