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Severe Performance Issues with Recent Zoom Update for Educational Use


I use Zoom only for educational purposes, and since the recent update, everything has been a disaster. My students see my whiteboard with a significant delay, making it very difficult for them to follow my explanations because they do not see what I write in real-time on my whiteboard, which appears when I share my screen. They can see graphs with Cartesian axes and other tools that my native whiteboard has. Additionally, I can pause the sharing, and they can perform the operations, then, when I resume the shared screen, they check if they have done it correctly. However, with the native whiteboard, this is not possible. I am suffering a lot with this new update when everything used to work well before. Furthermore, I have students with not very good connections, and since the update, everything has slowed down for them. Webex is a cheaper alternative that does what I need and is exactly what Zoom did just before its absurd update. I don't understand why something that was working well is now performing so poorly. The AI integration is useless to me, and I believe it should be an optional choice, not forced with new loaded and useless versions.



I agree entirely with your post.  I have found 

a difficulty with classic whiteboard (I finally managed to get it back!) where Zoom is limiting you to 3 whiteboards?  Also when typing on the whiteboard it just stops as if you’ve hit enter halfway through typing?
I find the support from Zoom absolutely shocking!  I’m not going to continue with them