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Double Arrow Cursor


I left Zoom some time ago because the whiteboard was not allowing me to write small circular letters with my XP-Pen tablet. It seemed like it was perceiving it as selecting something. Google Meets came along with a new whiteboard, but it was lacking in features, but at least I could write on it. I came back after feedback from one of my colleagues suggested it. I was happy to see that the whiteboard has really added a lot of the features that Google Meets had. Unfortunately, I think the same issue exists with the compatibility between the tablet and the white board. Now, I get a double arrow that points left and right when I am writing. I can click on the pen and the cursor changes to a pen for a bit, but then changes back to the double arrow. It is very annoying and will probably be a deal breaker unless I can find a solution. I can't be the only person running an XP-Pen tablet on here.

The other issue that I have with the whiteboard, is that I have to login to save the board. I am not sure why because I have to login to open Zoom and to get on a meeting. That tells me that I am already logged in and shouldn't have to break stride to log in.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @ChemBear thank you for your feedback. If possible, would you be able to attach a screen recording of this occurring so that we can investigate?