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Content sharing from Cisco webex room.


Hi All,


We have an issue with screen sharing from our cisco webex room kits. If the call is outbound to zoom (ie <meetingID> the share content causes spinning wheel and fails. Preview works as expected. 


If i dial the system from zoom meeting and answer on the touch 10 to join the meeting the content sharing works perfectly.


Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve/troubleshoot?


Cisco devices are registered to internal cisco call manager.


Appreciate and tips.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @DanBav :


You symptoms point towards firewall potentially blocking traffic....  Please review ALL of the ports and IP Blocks specified in our support document below:


Also, take a look at the attached document as it covers some recommended settings for CUCM.  Specifically look at the settings for BFCP and "Early Offer Support".


Please feel free to 'Accept as Solution' if you're now seeing success or write us back if you need more help.

Hi and thanks for the reply. In my case this was not the issue, these settings were already enabled and firewall ports correct. Issue is now resolved. Fixed by adjusting the ICE Support setting on the Expressway C zone to on.


Expressway version 12.5. This is a new setting introduce in an upgrade to 12.5.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Glad to hear you got your issue resolved and thank you for sharing back with the community for other users!