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SMS Campaign Errors


I am having issues and it seems impossible to find a resolution.  Something that is required by a company that you pay for a service from should not be so difficult to do.   I have created, deleted, created again, deleted, checked to make sure my companies information was correct as it is with State and Federal offices, created, deleted again and then created again.  This is getting ridiculous.  I have so many different error codes and cant seem to get any assistance.  Hopefully someone here may know something.   Here is what I get now.  

  • {"description":"Brand cannot be created/updated due to unique constraint","code":503,"fields":["referenceId"]}


Were you able to ever figure out what this meant? I am now getting the error and I am so confused. Plus, add the pressure that you can only submit a correction twice in 24 hours...I am pretty confused.


Same problem im getting angry



 I doubt this is going to be very helpful. But perhaps it will at least tell you what's happening. The are message you're getting is a leak-through error from the data base. Which is to say the database is complaining about something, the software is not capturing that error correctly, so you're seeing the raw error from the database, not the tailored one that a user should see explaining exactly what's going wrong in this context.

 The database is complaining because something about what you've done he's trying to  put two entries into the  database  with identical key values. This is not allowed.

 Problem is, this may not have anything to do with what you specifically are doing, it could be coming  entirely from their code. Suggest you open a support ticket with them and perhaps copy and paste my response here, or refer to this thread.

 This is a programming error, I know because I have been doing just that for thirty plus years.

 Hope that's helpful

Hello Jorba,


This provides some excellent information regarding this error and to back up what you are saying, I do in fact have an active support ticket awaiting a resolution.  I was informed exactly as you said, that it is an internal issue with the system causing it to throw an error, due to the values I had input when trying to create a brand.  I was advised that a fix is coming mid January 2024 and have been following up each week with what is happening on my end.  I think in my case I had tried to submit it multiple times that it is recognizing a duplicate submission as you had mentioned.  It is most certainly a programming error that I hope can find a resolution before long.  Thanks for your input and submission on this thread.


Warm wishes  : ) 

Hello indecoinn,


I just had the same problem, and I believe it was for the same reason. Please let me know if you find a fix.


Thank you!