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invisibly 'listening' into a ZOOM interview


For a long time, I thought as a host I could centrally arrange for all third party entries into an interview to remain complety invisible for the interviewed person in the interview.  So, not just without audio and video, but also not present in the participant dashboard.  It has always looked that from my point of view, but apparently not from the interviewed person's point of view as I found by accident. Can someone help me out? 

So, I want to interview people for research purposes. And I will disclose to the interviewed person that people may be watching. However, I do not want them to appear in any way shape or form in the dashboard,  with names or anything in screen. Is that possible? and how do I do that? 

Cheers,, Xandra


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, Zoom does not support invisible participants. At the very least, you will be listed as a participant. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Xandra,


You may have used Zoom "Webinar" in the past. This is where "Attendees" do not see each other listed in any way, but the "Panelists" do see themselves AND also the Attendees listed.


Zoom "Meeting", on the other hand, does not have this distinction. In a "Meeting" everyone is a "Participant" and Participants can always see the Participant list.


If you are on a Paid account in Zoom,  you could live stream your event to an external platform like YouTube - as a private or unlisted stream - and have people watch there. Or you could use Vimeo if you need more security and control.


The Zoom Meeting itself would show that the meeting is being streamed, but not the names of anyone watching.


Does  you audience need to watch live? Otherwise you could just record the event and offer it for playback later.


Hope this helps.