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iPhone microphone takes control of the audio during zoom meeting on Mac


This has happened several times to me, but only under the following circumstances.


I am on a one-to-one call; I am not the organizer of the call.

I am using Zoom Workplace.


I connect from my Mac Mini and I am running OS Sonoma 14.4.1.

I am using an external microphone and my internal speakers.


During the call my external microphone will turn off because my iPhone 15 pro max has grabbed the setting.

I have had the iPhone ask me if I want to connect and I have always answered disconnect.


It still grabs the microphone, and when it does, I can't be heard by the organizer.


I have finally had to turn OFF my iPhone during these calls.


I'm sure it's a setting but I am not sure whether it's on the Mac Mini or my iPhone.  Also, so far, this is the only meeting where I have had this problem.


Does anyone know what the solution is?