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Zoom keeps logging me out


Every so often - cant seem to find a specific timeframe - the Zoom Windows 10 desktop signs me out, this has happened twice in the middle of a meeting too, it is quite frustrating, anyone else experiencing this?


I do have Zoom installed on a second PC and my phone, but when this occurs, the PC is switched off and the phone (Android) doesnt have Zoom active.



Hey @Mark2251 super weird that you're experiencing this. My only thought is possibly your account being used on multiple devices which may be signing you out automatically. You can be signed in to Zoom on one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time. If you sign into an additional device while logged into another device of the same type, you will be logged out automatically on the first device. 

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I am being signed out of my account whenever I put my laptop in hibernate or go away from the phone app. I only use Zoom on my android phone and laptop and have both set to keep me signed in. What can I do, please? Thanks

"My only thought is possibly your account being used on multiple devices which may be signing you out automatically."  The OP explicitly stated that this is not the case.  Given the "me toos" below, could you please investigate?


No additional devices. Same problem. Any solution?

It should be possible to tell the devices not to 'auto login' and sign you out of other devices automatically.


If I'm working on my desktop, but I need to check in on something on my laptop, the second I open the screen on the laptop I get signed out of the desktop. This all happens passively in the background. After a quick search on the internet it's obvious your users don't want that.


It should be an active choice on the 2nd machine: Sign in > "Do you want to sign in here and sign out of all other devices?" Instead of "I was looking at a spreadsheet on my laptop and it decided to sign me out of Zoom on my desktop without asking me". We don't always want every piece of software trying to anticipate our needs like this. In this case, the software is usually anticipating incorrectly.

Yes! Zoom please listen! This issue is super annoying and ruining meetings!

I actually use the same zoom account on multiple devices. Is there a way in which we could request a feature to allow this and avoid the constant (multiple times per day) re-logging in each time I switch device?



This is really annoying. Why would you even log out people from their other devices when they log in using another?

I now have the same problem, it instantly signs me and I run a online therapy. I have been forced to switch to Teams because Zoom has become useless.  Can someone please assist?

Also having the exact same problem as OP. 
I only use Zoom on my Macbook and I am always logged out in between calls. This is really annoying as my schedule and settings are not available when joining calls through Zoom links. 

It's pretty insane that free software doesn't have the limitations that this paid solution does.  We changed from another system to Zoom and boy, that just turned out to not be a great decision huh?  Show me one other piece of internet communication software that has this crazy limitation of only log in from one device at a time.  NO!  The very nature of this REQUIRES you to be logged in on multiple devices at one time.  The fact that either opening Zoom on the second device means you get back to the first one and have to log in again, or you can't stay logged in on the second one because the first keeps causing you to be booted because it won't close on the first, or you can't stay connected on your phone when you forget to quit on your desktop, or.... well basically it just makes it more useless than a 25 year old chat program.  Email is running on all systems syncing on all systems as you make changes on any system.  Web browser syncs windows between systems.  Calendar synced and open on all systems.  Zoom... just fail.

I have a laptop, a desktop, and a phone.  After I move from one device to another I'm logged out. I used to be able to jump from a meeting in the car to sitting at my desktop seamlessly.  The policy now seems to be that I get locked out every time I switch devices.  If this is not fixed soon we will be dumping zoom for our company.  Neither Meet nor Teams does this.  We prefer Zoom in general - but this one "feature" is a deal killer.  


To make it ever worse - the log in process via phone is not feasible to do in a moving car - so where I used to jump into calls in the car I cannot now.


Keep us logged in or lose us a customer.

I had this issue as well. But what I found is that I can easily switch from phone to computer as long as I'm logged into the app. If you remain logged in, you'll see the meeting pop up and you'll see the Switch button. I use this all the time in meetings that I'm producing or just participating in. And I'm usually Host. No one else knows the wiser. 

"as long as I'm logged into the app" - that's the issue.  It keeps logging me out.  Whatever logic for this changed somewhat recently, and now I'm constantly logged out.  Every time I change devices I have to re-login. 

Oh wow. typically, I'm never logged out of the App on my phone unless there's an update. Yes, on my computer if I log into it on my personal laptop. It would be great if at least the password saved. If the device can be marked safe... Always something problematic with the technology we have to use daily. 🙄

I also am having the same problem and I totally agree that it is something recent. I updated to the latest version of Zoom and that is when it started happening. I have checked all my other devices and none of them are logged in. I only use Zoom on my Mac. It does not kick me out of a meeting but after a few minutes it logs me out of Zoom. I also agree this is quite annoying and needs to be fixed.

This should not happen.  As the OP said, the UI should ASK (on both devices if necessary) if you want to be logged out of one vs the other.  I have a desktop and two laptop computers (I travel a lot).  They all have Zoom installed. My laptops are "asleep" on my desk, and I'm working on my desktop, and all of a sudden, my desktop logs me out of Zoom.  I assume a laptop wakes up and auto logs in, which kicks me off my desktop.  The fact that this happens while I'm actively using Zoom (we use Zoom phones, and I just got kicked off a phone call!) and the other computer is simply passively logging in.  this is AWFUL design and needs to be fixed.

Hi RN - Can you please look at the dozens of similar posts below and give an updated response?  There is something far greater going on than just users purposefully logging into multiple devices here and getting logged out.   I like Zoom, but I really don't like the aggressive logging out even if the other devices are dormant.  

Any news on this issue being fixed???
I'm missing out loads of notifications.
I'm using Zoom on my Laptop as well as mobile.
I get logged out from both numerous times... and I don't get the notifications unless I recently logged in to it!
It's ridiculous!! 

I am having the same issue.

Not signed in on any other devices (in fact, actively hit "sign out everywhere" in zoom to try and fix and no luck). Logs me out randomly, sometimes mid meeting, and it's very annoying.


Hello. I have the exact same problem.


This just started a week ago. I have been using Zoom for a couple of years and it has never happened before. I am not using Zoom on any other devices whilst this occurs. 


I also notice that, once I sign back in, my settings for my meetings (I am the host) get reset, too!


Please reply and help. It is extremely annoying.

Same.  and I have no other device with Zoom.


I'm experiencing the same and it started about 1 week ago. 

I use Mac products (desktop + laptop).


We're now a Teams house, but I still prefer Zoom. But the auto logout is super annoying. When I work at home, I have two MacBooks on my desk, and I have the same setup in the office. One is for meetings (because Teams video is such a CPU hog), and the other is for work, but sometimes I screen share or schedule a Zoom meeting from it. Of course, Zoom keeps logging me out. Fortunately, I don't have 2FA, but it's still a pain, especially since Zoom doesn't even keep my email address populated across invocations. I guess all of this is to annoy pirates. Could you maybe at least allow multiple simultaneous logins from the same IP address?


I use Zoom at work at home, both on iMacs, and now I'm at work and keep getting signed out. So now I can't use Zoom at work. How can this be resolved?


This is happening to me to. It just started occurring about 2 weeks ago. It logs me out every couple of hours, even if I'm in the middle of a meeting. 


This is happening to be constantly, at least since the last zoom update. I have to re-log in everyday even if I haven't used it on a different device and it always makes me use my browser to login (using google login option). It's getting really irritating (and the "remember me" option is always enabled.


I am facing the same problem. I have been logged out automatically in the middle of my presentations at international webinars multiple times. It is extremely frustrating and annoying. 


Same problem.  No one else uses the account, and only use it on one machine. Logged out of my Personal Meeting  Room, yesterday after 45 minutes, today after an hour and 15. Stayed in the meeting, but lost virtual background, etc. All was re-set as soon as I logged back in. Irritating and unprofessional when working with clients.


This is happening to me too! I've got two Macbook computers, an iMac, an iPad and a phone that all have the Zoom app installed, but none has it active except this one laptop I'm currently on.


My working theory is that since I use the Google account login option, that it somehow gets confused by the browser being logged in, and that messes up the desktop app? 


If my imac at home is logged in, I'm screwed, because it's on the west coast currently and I'm in New York, lol 






You know it really sucks, I have to share my screen on a dev linux box without audio and then I use my work laptop for audio. Now I am getting signed out. So I have had to resort to using TEAMS. I was making a strong case (I am a solutions architect) on why Teams sucks and we should use Zoom. Now my own personal paid premium zoom account is worthless to me. GUYS YOU ARE KILLING ME. THERE ARE SMARTER WAYS TO PREVENT ACCOUNT SHARING. I NEED YOU TO FIX THIS OR YOU CAN KISS MY BUSINESS GOOD BYE. YOU ARE LITERALLY PLAYING INTO MICROSOFTS HANDS BY BEING INCONVENIENT AF. 


I had the same issue as everyone is describing. I followed directions for logging out of all devices. Go to your profile, scroll all the way down, click on "Log out of all devices."




I have the same issue in 2022. No other devices have an active Zoom session. This just happed to me within 30 minutes while on an Active Zoom meeting. 


I have a similar issue and it drives me crazy. I'm only using zoom daily on one device - my iMac. Maybe once or twice per month on my Samsung Android phone. I have meetings all day on Zoom and now I have to always log in first thing in the morning and at least another time in the day. This only started happening to me around November 2021 or so. My team members are reporting similar issues. Super frustrating. Just keep me logged in for a couple of weeks on my iMac please. Any fixes for this issue?


Experiencing this same issue in 2022. Singular windows machine using licensed zoom account and being logged out every couple hours even if a meeting is going. Even if hosting the meeting will shift hosts to another participant and logs out.  Working with clients is difficult this way. Is it update related, should I revert to an older version of zoom? 

This is very irritating and disruptive I get logged out of meetings I'm in while in a meeting constantly. The only thing I can think of is that my closed laptop is somehow active and auto-logging in. Going to the website and "logging out of all devices" fixes this temporarily sometimes, but not always. Zoom really should have some way to fix this.


Simultaneous logins on only a computer & tablet/phone is antiquated (if I understand the policy correctly).  I have a desktop and laptop than I need to use on an alternating fashion (paid account) and get booted out when I log in when the other one is logged in (NOT in a meeting).  Gonna try the logout from all devices simultaneously to see if it fixes the problem but if this is by design, it is definitely not user friendly in these days of having complex passwords.


Same issue - simple FIX is that. Don't "Automatically" login on any device without confirmation. Once confirmed , keep  the user logged in on device where he/she logs in last. Prompt to confirm again when device switches. 

This is problem esp if you are logged into a Mac, it keep logging you out on other devices.