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Zoom Screen Sharing Doesnt Work / Freezing after a few second


I Recently bought a new PC, and set up zoom. For teaching i open up the share screen option from my pc zoom and connect to my ipad through the suggested option (screen mirroring).
It worked perfectly fine until yesterday. now when i attempt to get in to the screen mirroring its either showing an "Unable to connect to "zoom-user"" msg on my ipad, or it does connect but freezes in a few second and then quit the share. nothing changed with my pc or network in these couple of days. i checked again that everything is updated.
my pc is running win 11
my ipad is on 16.5.1
my pc is connected to ethernet via a cable and i connect my ipad to the same network via wifi

i tried playing with the advanced settings on zoom, i tried resetting my network and all devices and i tried re-installing zoom after using CleanZoom.