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Zoom Bombing Incident in Official UN Meeting


During an official video meeting organized by a United Nations agency, our session was maliciously disrupted by an individual who managed to interject offensive por*graphic audio and video content. As an attendee, I did not have any screen sharing or host privileges. However, the intrusive audio override and graphic visuals were painfully disruptive and appeared on all attendee screens before we could exit. This was distressing conduct, especially given the professional nature of the UN video meeting. 


I am posting this anonymously out of privacy concerns, but want to formally report this unacceptable Zoom bombing incident. It enabled the dissemination of likely illegal p.graphic material into an official event, which could expose Zoom to liability if the perpetrators are not identified and held accountable.

For these reasons, I have already submitted a request to Zoom's Trust & Safety team for the full logs and cloud recording associated with this meeting to be preserved as evidence. I urge Zoom to investigate which user(s) and account(s) were responsible for this intentional disruption.


I also plan to report this incident to the relevant UN ethics and oversight bodies, as well as law enforcement if applicable, to ensure a thorough independent investigation occurs. Zoom bombing and allowing offensive/illegal content sharing erodes trust in your platform's security. I hope Zoom will take this seriously, pursue accountability for the bad actors involved, and improve preventative measures to maintain a safe virtual environment for all legitimate users and events.


I would appriciate if you can give me your opinions.