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What happens to my personal license when my account is associated with an organization


Hey there 👋


I want to buy the personal license (Pro) to have meetings longer than 40 minutes. However, my account is associated with an organization so Zoom web UI doesn't allow me to buy the license, instead it suggests me to contact my organization administrators.


My question is: if I (1) disassociate my account from the organization; (2) buy the personal license; and (3) associate my account with the organization, what would happen to the personal license? Would it continue to work; be paused until the account is disassociated from the organization; be cancelled & refunded; or something else?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @nikitastupin ,

     Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Community. Zoom does not move licenses from one account to another. So it would be better to reach out to your Zoom Owner/Admin and ask if they would be willing to assign a license to your account. Ultimately, if you try to perform the request as you described in your question, you would be brought back into the account as a basic user and the license purchased would be refunded back to you in a pro-rated amount. You would also lose certain information from the disassociation/re-association as only certain information is moved when this process occurs. I hope this helps!



Hey there,

Just a follow up question on the above. My organization is moving from Zoom to Teams and has since not renewed their Zoom License so the account is currently on a basic plan. If i disassociate my Zoom account from my organization and purchase the license myself will i still have access to the cloud recordings that were created on my account when my organization had been paying for the Pro?