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Users can start meeting without ZAK token


Hello Folks,

I am very new to this integration of zoom,

currently i have created MERN project and built two different apps at market place one is normal and another is

server-to-server oauth, i am able to create the meeting and joining it as well, to create and verify signature i am using normal app and to create Meeting using API i am using server-to-server app,

Am i doing right ? because if i use server-to-server app's creds to generate signature it shows me invalid signature when i join the meeting.

I am able to join the meeting, like if i pass role_id to 1 and not passing ZAK token , still it is started the meeting as host and every one are also joining meeting without registration token. while i have crated meeting with following parameters 


const payload = {
topic: topic, // name of the meeting
duration: 120, // in meetings
start_time: new Date(),
password: "test",
type: 2, // A scheduled meeting.
settings: {
approval_type: 0,// automatically approve registration.
auto_recording: "local",
meeting_authentication: true // to allowed only registered users

const meetingResponse = await`${api_base_url}/users/me/meetings`, payload, { headers });



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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