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Usage Reports - Not Visible


I've been pulling usage reports for attendance for our sessions since the pandemic started. I know that only the assigned host can see the reports for any account (even if the host is switched during the meeting).


I am the host for the majority of our Zoom sessions, and I make my two coworkers alternate hosts so anyone of the three of us can start sessions.


I was on vacation, and came back and went to pull the usage records for while I was gone and there were none. Not even for the meeting I ran the day before I left for vacation.


The meeting I hosted and started yesterday, however, was available.


So to sum up:


Meeting I hosted and ran on the 13th--not available.

Meetings I hosted and my coworkers ran from the 14th through the 21 -- not available

Meeting I hosted and ran yesterday -- available.


I searched through all the other reports -- nothing.


Thank you!



I just went back to grab a screen cap, I discovered that I have no  meetings visible from May through yesterday. Even I have copies of the reports I pulled in May and June.


So... any ideas?