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Survey - How to share the results with the participants


Hello !


I have two problems I cannot resolve :


1. I created a survey for my participants directly in the "meeting screen".

Great because I do not need to go to the zoom portal to do it.

Unfortunately, when I wanted to share the results directly from the meeting room to my participants, I could not do it ... I can see the button "Share the results", I click on it and nothing happens ...


2. The White board : I noticed that only people with a license has access to it. I have the licence but my participants do not have that licence. Latst year, I invited to use the whiteboard and they could not write anything on it. This is why I kept using jamboard with google and it is too bad. But maybe I missed something with zoom ...


Thanks for your help !


Xavier from Belgium


Capture d’écran 2024-05-17 à 12.45.19.png