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Super Unhappy with New Trim Features for Recordings


My business replies on sending class recordings and things used to be so simple with Zoom's editing feature.  I could pinpoint the exact second to start and end the recording and trim off the rest. This new feature with the slide bar is not ready for prime time and needs to be improved. Now we have to highlight what we want to keep (instead of cut off what we dont want to keep). And the slider doesn't pull up the minutes and seconds of the recording easily. I have to click on and off it, slide the bar around, start over, and then eventually the minutes and seconds will pop up.  Also, the slide bar wonks with 8 seconds at a time so I cannot trim it down to the second I want. Let say I want to start the video at minute 2.35... the slide bar will will jump from 2.32 to 2.40. These last two days, I have been forced to send a little extra content on the front and back side of the recording that I didnt want there.  


The worst part is that after I trim... the system then creates a whole new edited recording and that process takes 5-15 minutes!!!  Before, I could trim and then immediately grab the recording link and go.  I need that for my life. Having to edit, and then wait several minutes before I can copy the link and send is a huge waste of time, that I dont have. Zoom, you have made the process more difficult and not easier and intuitive!


I am super unhappy with this shift and hope that you will pull that feature down, return to the old trim function, until you get the bugs worked out of this new feature. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Some notes on the new changes to trim recording changes can be found here:


Some updated instructions can be found here:


If you want to give specific feedback, you can do that here:


Or if you have a particular roadblock, and if you have a Paid account, you can always contact Support here:


You can also check out some other Community discussions about Trimming here:


Hope this helps.




I totally agree with you. The new "Trim" version sucks.  It does not work for my application.I record our Church Sunday Sermons to send out to Church Members and require editing to front and back of the recording. The edit version was easy to use and immediate. I have yet to figure out how to "TRIM" my video and cannot find instructions on how to.

Go back to the "Edit" version as before.