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Streaming to Facebook Group


Hi 🙂

I've been searching for solutions all morning and have read up on both Facebook and Zoom to make sure I have all the settings in order, but I still can't stream a Zoom meeting to my Facebook group. 


When I'm in Zoom and ask to stream to Facebook, I only get the option to stream to my page or my profile - NOT my group. 


Zoom has been added as an approved app inside the group (and I am an admin), and I have been to the advanced settings on Zoom to make sure all the boxes are ticked for streaming.


I tried clearing my cache and my cookies and nothing works. Is this just an unfortunate time between updates where the function isn't available or am I missing something?

Hope you can help - thanks 😃


Contributor I
Contributor I

May I ask if this is the Approved App that you mentioned?



Yes - that's the one I added.

Thank you for confirming that, also can you send a screenshot where it will show that you are an admin of that group? just to really check.

This should document that every step is in order, unless I missed something obvious.

One last request, can you send a screenshot where it shows that you have added the apps called: Zoom Video Livestream - Prod?

Thank you.

Here it is.

And the last one.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Trine.

Check your Facebook group permissions:


To check your permissions for a Facebook group
You must have admin permissions for a group to stream. If you have moderator or member permissions, you will not be able to live stream to this Facebook Group.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Search for and choose the group you would like to stream to.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Under Admins & Moderators it will list anyone who is assigned each role for this page. Only admins can stream to a page.
  5. Click ... next to your name.
    1. If you are a moderator for the group, you will have the option Remove as Moderator. You will not be able to live stream.
    2. If you are an admin for the group, you will have the options Change to Moderator and Remove as Admin. You will be able to live stream.


You will also need to add Zoom as an app for your Group. 


  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Search for and choose the group you would like to stream to.
  3. On the left side panel, click Settings. 
  4. In the Manage Advanced Settings section, click the edit pencil next to Apps. 
  5. Click Add Apps. 
  6. Search for Zoom, click on Zoom, and then click Add.
  7. Follow the on screen prompts to authorize Zoom to have access to this Facebook group. 



Hope it helps,

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Thank you,


I did exactly as you described - and went back over it several times - I had seen previous posts suggesting this. 

I did not however see any prompts after I chose the Zoom app except for a confirmation that I wanted to add it. Zoom is now on the list of approved apps. (As you mention in your 7th bullet point)

I have googled solutions and looked around in here, but had to get a Streamyard account to go Live in my group =/

Thanks for your suggestions!

Facebook removed the Apps so you can no longer select any.