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Reuse of zoom link in G-calendar for different meeting changes zoom meeting name


I feel like this is a new feature because I never had this issue before.

I have speaker events and trainings that I schedule whether through Zoom or Google calendar directly. Many times I use the same zoom link for a prep-call or as a separate invite for speakers/external trainers (to prevent sharing internal attendee info etc).

Lately when I do this, the title in Zoom updates to what was put in Calendar. Example attached in Pics!
The meeting in zoom is automatically titled whatever the last meeting was titled for. 

How do I prevent this? I do not want the over all meeting title to change because when we go to retrieve reports from Zoom it is difficult to find the right meeting.



I have the same issue... using MS Bookings the title of the recurring meeting gets changed.  I want to prevent this.  Suggestions??


I am experiencing the same issue.
I use the same Zoom recurring meeting Room for different types of course calls in a specific training. I want my students to have only one Zoom link for their entire time working with us.

But every time I make a change to the Google Calendar Event, the Zoom Meeting is automatically renamed to the latest Google Event Calendar Name that has that Zoom link. 


That is quite confusing for the students that join a meeting that is named to a totally different type of course call.


How can I cancel this automatic renaming?