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Registration reports on a recurring meeting


Greetings.  I have a bi monthly recurring meeting setup, one of which we held last night.  We require participants to register for the meeting so that we can get their contact details.  However, I cannot find the report from last nights meeting.  Searching for registration reports shows no data to display (correct date range in place).  Previous meetings does not show this one (but it does show my other ones).

This is something I do on a regular basis so am very familiar with the process but I don't think I have done it for the recurring meeting previously though.


Some additional information:  Before I went to (attempt) to generate the report I noticed that the recurring sequence was wrong (set to a Tues instead of Thurs) so I corrected that.  There was a message asking about whether people who might have registered for upcoming meetings need to reregister so I said yes to that because it is highly unlikely anyone would have registered for an upcoming meeting.  Could this have deleted last night's registration report?