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Recovering recordings


In our corporate Zoom environment, recordings automatically get moved to the Trash after 30 days.  And after 30 days in the Trash they are permanently deleted.  However, you can always recover from the Trash before that 30 day period ends.

My question, however, is after the recording is recovered and then returned to the Trash (after the 1 day recovery period) does the 30 day counter for Trash restart?  Or is the 30 days based off the original deletion date?

For instance - I record on Day 1 and on Day 31 it is moved to the trash (meaning it should auto-delete on day 61).  If I recover the file on day 50, and it is returned to the Trash on day 51, does it still auto-delete on day 61 or does the 30 day timer restart making the auto-delete date now day 81?

Also, is there a way to add field in the Trash similar to the "Auto-delete in" counter that is found at the root Recordings view?  This would allow users to know how long they have before their recordings are lost forever.