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Record Host and Shared Screen


I would really like to see a new recording option for cloud recordings. I suggest the option "Record Host with shared screen" (in addition to "Record active speaker with shared screen").


Here a short description of our use case (in higher education). There might be similar use cases in other domains, e.g. product presentations:


Suppose, there a professor who likes to record his lecture and to provide the recording to students who were not able to attend the live session. But the professor likes to see his students during the live lecture, especially if they are asking questions. In the past the professor was very successful in motivating his students to turn on their webcams during unrecorded live sessions. In this situation, the active speaker view and the gallery view allow to see each other. And as a result the communication is much more lively as compared to meetings without webcams. However, usually the students do not want to be recorded. Therefore,  they turn off their webcams if the know lecture is recorded because they do not want to be visible in the recording. The only solution so far is, to record just the shared screen and no webcam at all. If the students know that their webcam is not recorded, they keep using their webcams. However, the recording itself would still benefit from including at least the professors webcam next to the shared screen. No matter who is the active speaker.
Therefore, the professor would like to have an option to see all webcams of all students during the live session. But at the same time exclude the other webcams except his own from the recording. The corresponding recording option would be "record shared screen and host webcam".


Do you think that is possible somehow? What do you think about that use case? Is it useful for other situations?