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Questions about Zoom and Calendly


Hey all! 


I have my Zoom acct and Calendly linked...due to my specified timeframe on Calendly as 45 minutes for calls, the Zoom meeting I have tomorrow is set for that duration. Does this mean that my allotted timeframe for a call is 45 minutes and no more or does it only say that because the accounts are linked? I would like to have an additional amount of time as a buffer in case.


 I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @devincutting.


I love Calendly!  When you tell Calendly to schedule a 45 minute meeting, Calendly sets the meeting duration to that amount.  But Zoom doesn't use the duration as a cut-off point... you can go on forever!  Well, 30 hours on a Licensed account.


I normally set Calendly to insert a buffer in Calendly... meaning that Calendly won't schedule anything for that buffer length after the end time it calculates.  But if you know you don't have any commitments afterward, and the conversation is productive or interesting, Zoom will let you continue as long as you like.


Calendly screen shot for one of my typical meeting types, at the bottom of the "When can people book this event" window:



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