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Polls not showing up in my meetings as an option


I recently upgraded to a pro account so that I could do in meeting polling. I created a poll outside my meeting which is already scheduled, but when I enter the meeting, there is no option to launch a poll. The icons at the bottom do not include polling, and when I click the more button, it only has livestreaming options. I cannot launch an existing poll nor can I create a new one. I have read and tried everything I can find int he zoom help files. been trying since yesterday.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee



Can you try following this guide? If it still doesn't work, DM me your user e-mail. Let's go over your setup over video/screen share.



Hi, I am having the same issue and also have Zoom Pro. Would you please send me instructions on how to fix this issue? Thanks

Hello @DrLux 

Welcome to the Zoom Community! Glad to have you here!

You may check out this article on how to set up the polls.