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Participant List CSV, Missing Participants in List vs False Total?


Hi all,

I'm a licensed user through my organisation and I just downloaded CSVs from "Reports>Usage" section for a few meetings' participant list. 


First 2 rows in the CSVs, are high level information which includes a "Participants" and number for it; and below that is the participant list, by name, email, duration and guest or not information for each participant.


Problem is the high level "Participants" number in the first 2 rows is  substantially larger (~30%)  than the count of  participants listed below. This applies across all CSVs I've downloaded the report for and couldn't find information explaining these CSV structures online. Could you please help me understand why that "Participants" number is larger than count of below listed participants?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



I normally see this when the "show unique users" is ticked on. As the report will aggregate participants that left and join multiple times, it will create a disparity between unique users and participants as they are not the same.


If this still does not explain the difference, I would advise to reach out to Zoom Tech support, with a couple of examples.


Hope it helps!

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