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Options for when Registration limit is reached


We would like to be able to offer options (of either joining another meeting or clicking a link to complete a survey) to people who wanted to join a meeting but cannot because the maximum Registration numbers have been reached. 


Can I do either, or both:

- customize the 'Registration is now closed' screen?

 - send an email to anyone wanting to Register once numbers have been reached?


Contributor I
Contributor I

Access the Registration Settings tab in the Zoom Sessions event setup.
(Optional) Edit the number of attendees who can join the event to reduce the maximum number of attendees.
(Optional) Click the Allow Oversell toggle to enable or disable it.
When enabled, this allows more than your capacity to register for this event. Some organizers do this to account for no-shows on the day of the event. If you choose to oversell this event, some registrants may be prevented from joining if the event is full.
Under Registration Limit, enter the registration limit for your event. You can also use the up up-arrow-button.png and down down-arrow-button.png arrow buttons to set the limit.
(Optional) Click Customize a message for attendees that join after the event is full to create a customized message, then click Save.
(Optional) Click the Email me when the event has reached the registration capacity checkbox to receive a notification email.
(Optional) Click View Event Performance to view your event's overall progress.
You will be directed to the host Overview tab.