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No support in this commuity


What is the point of having this Zoom Community as a support help if no one from Zoom Support monitors these discussions and provides help. It's so rude of a company to sell you a product you pay monthly for and then say "No support for for you. We don't care if it's not working properly for you." The Zoom ChatBot does not help and all the settings and wording is confusing. And, I'm not alone in this if you look at all the unanswered problems people are having. My question was about the new "custom streaming" option greyed out and "locked by Admin" when I am the owner and admin and without the simple fix, I am just going to choose to run my meetings in Zoom and NOT stream them into my FB Group...that's a poor choice when I pay for this service.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If anyone here is still struggling with this, please see this post: 

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