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Meta Quest 3 Woes: Vanishing Sounds and Video in Horizon Workrooms


I recently started using Meta Horizon Workrooms seamlessly with clients who don't have Meta Quest but use Zoom, as I have a Meta Quest 3. They were able to view my room, avatar, screen sharing, and even another Zoom camera I used on a different device to show them my cards. However, suddenly they can no longer hear or see me. Whenever I use the Workrooms app, it appears as if the microphone is on mute, and my clients can't see my video. The app has full permissions for the microphone and other necessary features. Yet, no sound is transmitted to my clients on Zoom. Why have they suddenly lost the ability to see and hear me? Everything seems normal on my Meta Quest 3, but in the Zoom app, there's a red microphone icon with a line through it indicating that I am muted, and my Workrooms avatar is also not visible on Zoom. Can someone please assist me in resolving this issue?