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Meetings ran by Alternative Host block my account from running another meeting


I run a Coaching business and different people give group coaching for us.

In order to make it simple for our customers, we created a recurring meeting so that they always just can click the same link (the other Coaches are now part of our organization and are Alternative Hosts to this meeting)


The problem is now, that as the owner of the Zoom Account, I can't run another meeting at the same time, which is a huge problem for me. and sometimes we have a team meeting that overlaps with such a coaching call and it seems that is also not possible

For now, the only options that I currently see is,

- that we put those general meetings on the person that uses Zoom the least.

- Purchasing another zoom license

- going back to the old approach: a separate zoom link for all calls

and I don't like any of those solutions


what other options are available?

thanks for your feedback