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Looking for best practices for creating Salesforce Cases from Zoom Calls


Good morning all,


We have installed Zoom for Lightning / Contact Center in our org.


Anyone out there have any suggestions for generating Salesforce cases from Zoom calls in Contact center?


I am looking to implement some sort of automation like flows. I am trying to make this as simple as possible for users on a call with a customer to log a case in Salesforce, or to log a case after the call is completed.


Anyone out there doing anything like this?


When we had Verizon they had a case modal that popped up during the call that users could populate during or after the call as needed and that would generate the case or not as the user decided.


Any suggestions?




Hi Steve, 


You should be able to click "Create New Case" when you view the Engagement tab while on the call.   See the attached screen shot from where my agents are able to do this.  


We did not create a flow as often times we still have open cases for the client in the system that we need to relate that call and notes to, so we don't automatically create cases for our reps.