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Looking for a good omni directional microphone that records ambient music for church


The microphones that we have been using are very unidirectional & eliminate ambient sounds,  We want out church speakers to be picked up as well as congregational singing, etc.  We use a smartphone to Zoom.  I did try an omnidirectional microphone, which picked up a person speaking over the microphone, but wouldn't pick up a piano playing, even when I placed the microphone on the piano.  Please help me find a microphone that can sit on the dais in front, Bluetooth to the smartphone camera in the rear, & pick up ambient music/singing in the congregation.



I've a very cheap conference microphone on a Mac that does pick up the sound - I got it as an evaluation copy from Amazon then it disappeared off the Amazon website - I have not succeeded in using the latest Zoom updates using a microphone on an iPhone.  We had the laptop sitting on a pew next to the iPhone that was recording and switched from one to the other - very primitive but at least the organ was audible.