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Limiting the number of auto-assigned participants in a breakout room

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

Is there a way to cap the number of participants auto-assigned to Breakout Rooms?


Specifically, I have an upcoming meeting where the specific quantity of attendees is unknown. During the meeting, participants will be small-batched to Breakout Rooms. I'd like to create many rooms and have Zoom auto-assign them to a max per room, regardless of the number of participants.


For instance, say I want four per room. I'd like to create 50 rooms, set a room limit to four, and have Zoom auto-fill each room instead of dividing all partipcants equally across all rooms. 119 attendees fill 29 rooms with four, one room with three, and 20 rooms remain empty.


Yes, I can manually assign (or have a co-host do it), but it'd be so much easier to auto-fill.