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I upgraded to Pro Version - but still in basic mode




i upgraded my zoom account to Pro Version, according to the fact i have meetings longer han 40 minutes. 

I got the email about the payment, but no email about the activation of the Pro Version. So now my next meeting is wednesday and i still just have the Basic account. 

I saw  that other user had the same problem, but found in the other chats no solutions. 


Thanks for help. My accountname is ***********


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi jennyo86, 


Your username is masked for security reasons. 

When you sign in to the web portal, does it show that you are still on the basic plan? Did you make a payment via the web portal too for the upgrade?


when i sign in at the web portal it still showes the basic plan and that i can upgrade to Pro by paying 14,99$. But i already did this payment. 
I am not sure 100% , but i think i remember i made the payment via the web portal, i clicked at upgrade to Pro Version and followed the instructions. The payment was made by the Paypal Account of my husband. 
I can sent you all informations i got by email about the payment. 


What to do now? I need to Pro Version tomorrow for a meeting. 


Best Regards