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How to set date and times of 'no fixed time' recurring meetings


I can't find an option on the web portal to set a date and time for a recurring 'no fixed time' meeting. If I tick the 'recurring meeting' option and choose 'no fixed time', how can I actually set a date and time for these meetings so that they show up under 'upcoming meetings'?


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @markus4.


You're talking about two mutually exclusive conditions – no fixed time and you want to set a time and date. There’s no way in Zoom to do this. Most people will just schedule individual meetings and send out a notice for each meeting with the new meeting link. But I know this doesn't work for everyone. 


If you want to set up a meeting on the same day of every week, for example, but want the times to vary, set up the regular recurring weekly meeting at the most regular time, and then go into the individual occurrences and change the time (and even the date, if needed). Making changes to a specific occurrence doesn't change the details of any other occurrence. 

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