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How do I have Zoom transcribe, from audio to text, an existing, locally stored recording?


I have locally stored recorded Zoom meetings. I wish to have Zoom transcribe the audio in these recorded Zoom meetings into a text file. How do I do this audio-to-text transcription? Thanks!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @ROWIDA !


Thanks for writing in! Currently audio transcripts are not available with local recordings. 

In order to have access to the audio transcript the prerequisite is that it is a cloud recording. From there the transcript is produced in a separate VTT file that you will then have access to download .


For more information on audio transcripts please see the following article from our support site--> Audio transcript support article

Has this been updated to have Zoom transcribe the audio to text?


Good Morning,

Can a local recording be moved to cloud storage and then transcribed?

Thank you.