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Host's Shared screen minimized while sharing


This is a new problem.  When I shared a document, the shared window on my computer is minimized.  There is no change in window size when I try to select any of the window size options under settings (fullscreen mode, maximize window, maintain current size).   Participants report that the shared screen appears to be the normal size for them.  The shared screen on my desktop is the size of minimized gallery participant pictures.  I've tried rebooting my computer as well as removing the Zoom program and downloading again.  The problem persists.  





I am having the same issue  my hosting screen use to stay full size on a multi screen desktop and the screen being shared was also full size, I have checked every setting in zoom and I cannot get my host gallery screen to stay full size it is crap  when I have a full class and cant see them while share screen unless I resize my host screen every time. Zoom tech send it back to the way it was and stop messing with the  platform your making it worse.



I am having the same problem.  I cannot see my screen.  I can't seem to get to technical support to actually help me.  You can't lead a program for others when you cannot see what you are sharing.  This happens in the web version.

I reached out to customer support and they told me that you can view your displayed item in its on window outside of zoom.  I asked how you are supposed to monitor chats and questions on your presentation if you are working from another screen.  I have not yet received a response.