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Gmail calendar with corporate meeting links imported into personal outlook.


Corporately, we structure our meetings and other events so that all of the mortgage brokers have access to a common corporate Gmail calendar.

I operate as a Microsoft office so I import that Gmail events calendar into my outlook office 365 calendars .

Most of the events scheduled have meeting links from Zoom. the meeting links seem to be corrupted on the import. I have copied the data and changed the email address and the Zoom number inside the link to launch the zoom meeting as per the requirement above ... 


Is there something we can do on the import to outlook that will stop this modification of the links or is there something that corporate head office can do in setting up the links in Gmail so that they will not be corrupted.

The standard Gmail Calendar has the following link in see below ---------------------


Lender Lab - Weekly Training - Equitable Bank
Thursday, February 1510:30 – 11:30
1 guest
1 awaiting
Copy guest emails
Email guests
Description:Enter Zoom Meeting using his link:
Jackson Aitken
Email: ***********
The Outlook calendar has the following corrupted data 
Lender Lab - Weekly Training - Equitable Bank
Thu 2024-02-15 10:30 - 11:30
E<b>nter Zoom Meeting using his link:</b><br><a href=""><u><u><u><u></u></u></u></u></a><br><br><b>Presenter:</b><br>...