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Experiencing Poor Video Quality and Crashes During Zoom Teaching - Need Advice!


Hi Zoom community,


I hope everyone is doing well. I've been facing some issues while teaching on Zoom, and it's becoming quite frustrating. The two main problems I'm encountering are poor video quality during calls and occasional crashing of the Zoom application.


Details of the Issues:


Poor Video Quality:


The video quality during my Zoom meetings has significantly decreased.

Participants often complain about pixelation and lag, making it difficult to conduct classes smoothly.

Crashing Issues:


The Zoom application crashes randomly, sometimes in the middle of a teaching session.

This has become a major disruption, and I'm concerned about the impact on the learning experience.

My Setup:


I am using an Intel Core laptop with i7 processor.

Internet connection is stable, and I have a decent upload and download speed.

Questions for Discussion:


Has anyone else experienced similar issues recently?

Are there specific settings I should check or adjust on my Intel Core i7 laptop for better Zoom performance?

Any recommendations for troubleshooting the crashing problem during Zoom meetings?

Could there be compatibility issues with certain devices or configurations?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights from the community. Teaching online is challenging enough without these technical hurdles!