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Disappearing class


I teach with Zoom.
If I have multiple screens open and minimize my participants screen to reference other materials, it is very hard to find them again. Often I have to waste time minimize other screens and search for the tiny black box containing the minimize/maximize buttons.

Similarly, I waste time searching for the control panel even though I have "Show Control Panel" checked. Again--minimizing screens and hovering blindly until it appears. It makes the process inefficient and a little stressful. 
Is there a way that the participant screen could be linked to the control panel such that (a) the control panel is always visible, (b) participants can be minimized/maximized from the control panel, and/or (c) the meeting can be linked in the toolbar at the bottom of the computer screen as a static reference? 
Thank you. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi slruss,

Maybe one of these different video layout options will work for you.


Adjusting your video layout during a virtual meeting


you may also consider using multiple screens.

Sharing multiple screens simultaneously - Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot