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Can we host more than one meetings at a time under a single zoom account


I am creating an online web application and one of the main features of the application is to integrate zoom web SDK for online meetings.

I create and start the meeting using my account jwt app key and secret and it works fine but when I try to create multiple meetings at the same time under my account I get an error saying that 'already has other meetings in progress'.

So I would like to know are we need to create a user under my account to host multiple zoom meetings at the same time?
Also, is there are any limits to create users under the same account?

Could you please let us know how we can create multiple zoom meeting at same time using same account. Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @anthony3 


Only users on a Business account can Host two meetings at the same time. Business accounts generally have ten or more Paid licensed user accounts. Any one user on that account, or even all then, could Host up to two Meetings at once. But you need ten users to make that even possible.


On a Pro account, for smaller user numbers, up to ten, you can have multiple licensed sub-users in the same account. Each user needs a Pro subscription. Each user can only Host one meeting, but you could have two users and each could Host one meetings. Each "user" would need a unique email address though - so the two meetings would not originate from the same email address.


Hope this helps.



Am I right to understand it this way.
Essentially, it is two Pro users to host two different meetings.  The difference is just who is creating the meeting.


Host 1 (Pro User): hosts meeting 1, meeting 2 (created by host 1 but hosted by host 2(also pro user).

OR simply
Host 1 (pro user) host meetings 1, Host 2 (pro user) hosts meeting 2