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Background image uploaded flips in mirror camera preview but not really.


I have been using Zoom for some time and today I was finally told that my Zoom background image is backwards. Which means it has always been backwards. I don't understand how it is backwards because my video preview is correct, but the others have an opposite view of my background. It means there is an issue with what I see and what others see is not the same, which means the preview is not true. 


My method is to flip all my background images in Photoshop because a normal view of my background image is flipped backwards in my video. So i thought i fix the problem but actually was creating the problem due to video preview is not a true preview of what others see. Did anyone else learn this oddness? I hope the preview can be fixed. 



Hi @JosephBlanchard, and welcome to the community! Do you know if you have "Mirror my video" selected in your Settings?

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

I don't think I was clear about my message. When I use the "mirror my video" option, the background image selected flips as well. So in the preview of my video shows a reflection of the image (just as it does me, a genuine look in the mirror). However, others in the Zoom do not see a mirror image of my background. They see it correctly as intended, the background is not mirrored. So my preview is not a preview of what others see.  Please test it out by uploading any image and hitting the mirror mode and look at your preview. Did your background flip (mirror) like you?  That is what is happening, but it is not what others see. I thought my team was wrong for saying my backgrounds are backwards, as i fix my preview by always editing my backgrounds to be backwards (photoshop) so that when i use Zoom my preview of myself and background is correct. 

I discovered the same as you @Joseph, I recorded myself with the flipped background  and I switched to the regular background. 

here’s the big revelation…

 After using Zoom for 3 years, I am just just discovering now,  that others do not see the mirrored image of me or my background . They see what the camera sees. I am the only one who sees the mirrored effect. 😱

I too, used flipped backgrounds that made me look like an amateur this whole time….  Cheers! 

Desiree you are not the only one! I think they didn't make this clear.

So what to do about this? Is there a solution for this problem!? What does the zoom support say?! I have the same problem here!