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Authentication vs. Registration -- what's the difference?


I am scheduling a meeting that will probably involve 150-200 people.  We hold this meeting annually.  In the past people have gotten hung up over the security measures we established for the meeting.


People register via our website and pay to participate.


At a minimum - we require the meeting ID and passcode to join, but theoretically folks could pass that information around and freeloaders could join.


I see there are options for "registration" and "authentication" with Zoom.  A couple years back those settings tripped up some participants who thought they had already "registered" when they signed up on our website.


As I understand things, "registration" requires someone to disclose an e-mail address, then a confirmation e-mail is sent back from Zoom with a clickable link.  "Authentication" requires a user to disclose an e-mail address and set up their own Zoom account.


Do I have this difference correct?  Is there a better way I can explain things to participants, some of whom are not all that Zoom facile?  Thanks -- Richard