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Audio distortion - sharing


I am an online teacher.  I have version 6.0.11 (39959).  When I share a document both myself and my students have audio distortion (burbles, crackles, gobbledygook sounds etc).  I've checked the drivers for my web-cam; headphones and they're all current; I've changed the style of headphones and tried the laptop camera; I've swapped the devices beween ports; I've updated zoom, uninstalled and reinstalled it with 64 bit .... no change.   


I'm now having to screenshot documents and copy and paste them into the chat, so that the students and I can work together and hear each other at the same time!!   Tempted to find an alternative to Zoom!!!!!!!


Any solutions/suggestions would be most welcome & fairly urgent.  Thanks.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

To avoid echo cancellation distortion it is recommended to use a headset mic rather than using a webcam mic. If the environment is quiet enough turn on "original sound". If audio is only distorting when screen sharing you may have insufficient bandwidth or CPU power. Be sure that the computer is connected via ethernet rather than WiFi and that the CPU on a windows machine is at least equivalent to an i7 with at least 8 (preferably 16)Gb of RAM. Since no hardware, bandwidth, and connection details were given these are just educated guesses.