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Audio--Can't Hear Musical Instruments Anymore


Hello--I can no longer hear musical instruments on Zoom. The musician will have original sound for musicians turned on and others in the Zoom can hear them, but I can hear only voice, not the instrument.  I turned background noise to low in audio settings, but that didn't help. This problem cropped up a couple of months ago--I used to be able to hear them, but can't now.  However, I can hear instruments on other meeting apps, so I don't think this is a Windows issue and think it's a Zoom issue. Will appreciate any suggestions!  Thanks--



It sounds like Zoom's audio settings might be filtering out the instruments as background noise. Make sure the musician has "Original Sound" enabled and that both you and the musician have "High fidelity music mode" turned on in the advanced audio settings. Additionally, check if "Echo cancellation" is set to auto or aggressive, which could be affecting the audio. By the way if you are interested in music creation or production, I can share this music forum for you. There are a lot of information both for beginners and experts in this field.