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Zoom for Outlook Extension and Outlook Calendar: Two-Way Sync and Notifications Stopped Working


We started off years ago with the Zoom Outlook Plug-in and then moved to the recommended by Zoom Outlook Add-in which is not called Zoom for Outlook Extension v. as shown in our Office 365 Admin Center.  This worked correctly up until about two weeks ago or longer when I noticed it enough to look into it.

I'm the Zoom admin and confirmed that my profile is configured for Outlook Integration and when I create a meeting in Outlook I do see the Zoom add-in/extension settings.

The main two things that are happening consistently now:

  • Outlook meetings that I didn't create but have on my calendar show up in Zoom desktop app but I don't get the notifications anymore.  Events that I created, I do get notifications for
  • If I delete a calendar event that I created from Outlook it gets deleted from my Zoom app, but if I delete an event that's not mine from Outlook it doesn't get deleted in Zoom app.  Doing this from Zoom app first doesn't seem to make a difference, I get mixed results but I mainly delete from Outlook calendar and it's always worked until now.

I've deleted and reconfigured my Zoom calendar integration following this article:

I've updated the Zoom app and even pushed out an update to the Zoom for Outlook Extension and nothing has changed.  Any help would be appreciated on what I should try next



Geeze you did a great job at trouble shooting this for zoom and no response? I'm so frustrated with the 365 integration or lack of... is it zoom that's the problem or outlook? Arg!

Yeah after waiting days and no response from the community, I decided to open a ticket with Zoom, so once they figure out a solution, I'll post it here...thanks


I submitted also. My issue isn't quite the same as yours. I'm not on Dynamic, just plain microsoft 365 but I'm hoping for a solution to the perpetual login.  I was just impressed with how you spelled out your issue and troubleshooting, and frustrated that I didn't see any kind of response from zoom, even if it was to look somewhere or submit a ticket. 

Ah ok, in that case thank you for your comments regarding my issue/troubleshooting, etc. 👍

As for me not being on Dynamic, not sure what you mean by that?  We're on Microsoft 365, maybe a different type of subscription than you are, don't know but the problem as you've said is the same...what 365 subscription we're on doesn't matter...this is simply an Outlook or Zoom issue or a little of both...I'm just trying to identify what changed and how to get it working again 😉


I will add the following conditions:
- Instances of Recurring Meetings in Outlook with a Zoom Meeting link do not show up in the Zoom App (desktop or browser) if the instance is moved/rescheduled.
- Individual Meetings Created by my in Outlook with Zoom link added via Zoom extension show up in Zoom App upon creation but is NEVER UPDATED AGAIN (whether rescheduled or cancelled).

- Some recurring meetings scheduled by OTHERS with a Zoom link don't show up at all. But some do.