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Zoom Events Direct Join Link behavior

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It was pointed out to me by a client a day ago that Direct Join Links have a limitation not specified in the article here:

Inviting speakers with a Direct Join Link

The limitation is as follows: you can only create one Direct Join link per recipient email address at a time. If you have a speaker who needs Direct Join links for more than one session, you cannot generate the link for the second session without first deleting (and therefore deactivating) the existing Direct Join link

I have a vague memory of testing this before, with the ability to send more than one Direct Join link per email address at the same time. Does anyone else have any memory of doing this before, or of running into this limitation before recently?  I’m trying to determine if there has been a change, or if it has been this way since Direct Join links were created (possibly January 2022). 

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