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Webinars without zoom licence


We won't have a licence come December, but wanted to use Zoom to run a webinar for a minimum of 500 or so delegates.. but Is there a 'max capacity' of delegates for a webinar if you don't have a licence? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @helen_dogstrust,


If you don't have a Webinar add-on license, you won't be able to start a webinar at all.


Looking at the Zoom pricing and options pages ( and, you'd need to have at least a paid account (like Pro for $14.99/month) and a Webinar add-on license (500 attendee maximum for $79/month).  If you timed things correctly and don't need/want the Pro account and Webinar add-on long-term, you could probably get by with just a 1 month subscription for both.  (Note: You need a paid account in order to add the Webinar add-on license.)


If that's out of your budget range*, you might ask around in your circle of potential attendees to see if anyone has a Webinar license that would be willing to be the webinar host on your behalf.


* I get it that nonprofits and small businesses have tight budgets.  That's why I focus a lot of my energy on helping them out when I can. 

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That's really helpful, thank you Ray! I shall ask around. Have a great weekend.