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To generate Zoom webinar reports you can only choose from webinars in a one month span



Why does Zoom webinar only allow a one-month span for selecting webinars from which to report? Is there any way to get around this? If you plan webinars a year's worth of webinars, you need to select webinars in a greater time span, both pre and post-webinar. It's like the system was designed for companies that produce very few webinars. That's can't be the case. Here's an image that shows that Zoom only allows customers to select from webinars within one month.


zoom reports only one month.PNG



Correct, within Zoom you can only generate 1 month at a time, however we use Salepager to generate combined Zoom reports across a much larger time frame. We are also able to combine participation and registration reports to get a complete picture of attendance with all registrant information included. We are able to get these reports emailed to us daily.

I refuse to pay for another product to do what Zoom should do. This function is easy in GoTOWebinar. It is a duh function!

I went to the Salepager site to learn more, and I don't see anything about the functionality to improve reporting. Can you explain more about this?