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Logos and branding not updating


Hi all - I hope someone can help me. I created a webinar that shows incorrect branding. I went to adjust the branding and update the logo to the correct one. When I sent myself a test message, the old, incorrect branding was still showing. 


I then created a brand new webinar thinking that maybe because the first one was created with the incorrect branding in place, it was kind of tied to that webinar. The new webinar still shows the old, incorrect logos. 


I then deleted all logos, created another new webinar, sent myself a test message and the old, incorrect logo is still showing up. 


Is this a Zoom issue or is the logo pulling from somewhere that I don't know about? I was updating the logo on both the webinar branding section and on Account Management > Webinar Settings. 


Please help!


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @karyzma! Thanks for posting your question and for being a part of the Zoom community 😊

I know it has been a while since you initially posted, but I want to make sure you receive assistance. Are you still having this issue? If so, I'd love to help you get it resolved.