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Can you re-enter practice session after a webinar has started?


We are trying to solve for a use case where our webinar panelists will be in an active webinar, but then need to go back into a private session, closed from the attendees for a period of time.  


They then need to be able to go back into the webinar and be visible to the attendees again for the remainder of the webinar.


Short of using multiple webinars, is there an easy solution for this?



Thanks very much for any feedback.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @DG99.


For most people, the answer is No. However, if you obtain a Zoom Events license, the option for Backstage is enabled for the licensee’s stand-alone webinars. With Backstage, there is an “attached” separate space where panelists can “hang out” and talk amongst themselves, with the capability of watching the live portion, and returning “on stage” as needed. .


See this Zoom Support article for details:

Note the Prerequisites where it states that a Zoom Events License is required.  It’s my understanding (but I’m not 100% sure!) that even the least expensive Zoom Events license would provide you this option. A Pay Per Attendee 50 Zoom Sessions (Sessions is a limited version of Events) License is $100 per year. See this Zoom page for additional details: 

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